Bordeaux Ecole du Vin

Okay, so I have to declare that I am partisan, as I teach winetasting classes at this school.

Allow me, therefore, to shamelessly promote how great the classes can be, with a few comments from past students/attendees.

This first was published on The Wine Lover's Journal, by Dianne Letulle here

'... (The CIVB) runs a very nice wine school, anyone can take extremely informative two-hour wine tasting classes. For all but the hardcore, morning classes mandate spitting, and this place has the coolest chrome spit sinks built into the long white tables. Last fall, I was lucky enough to attend a class taught by the charming and articulate British wine writer, Jane Anson.'

'I would like to thank you again for the wonderful 4 days that we spent in Bordeaux!! The trip was very well organised and I did not only learn a lot of things but also increased my passion for the wine area itself!'
Nadine Weihgold, Sommelier The Dorchester, London

'A delight to meet you in Bordeaux in January and thank you very much for going out of your way to make sure we were educated and had the best possible exposure to the wines of Bordeaux. As I had told you, I went straight from the weekend into teaching a class
of 12 people the joys of Bordeaux. It DOES need to be taught - the plethora of names (-chateaux/appellations-let alone blends !)completely overwhelms most wine drinkers. At least now they know the "six families" of wines of Bordeaux, together with a sense of how huge the production is - none of my class will forget Bordeaux produces 33% of the worlds Merlot!'
Linda Field, AWIS Wine Educator, Red White and Rose
'Along with my personal thanks, I would like to thank you on behalf of Wm Morrison Supermarkets PLC and those who attended the trip for what has already been described as one of the best experiences ever. Your dedicated contribution to ensuring our enjoyment and education was exemplary, certainly helping some of my collegues to completely change their opinion of wines from the region and of France in general. Several have said they can't wait to come back! The level at which the information was given at the C.I.V.B and in the field was just right and when needed you were very helpful in prompting the Winemakers to explain details of growing and production, so easing our understanding.' Tim Phillips, Morrisons Supermarkets

Details on courses are also available from the here