Bordeaux is shaped just as much by its dynasties as by its terroir.

There are numerous families that have been making wine in the region for centuries, such as the Lurtons, the Sichels, the Bartons, the Rothschilds, the de Bouards, and the Cazes – and some relatively new arrivals who have quickly established themselves as wine royalty such as the Thienponts at Le Pin, and even Moueix, whose father founded his negociant house only in 1937. Add to this mix the international business men of Bernard Arnault and Francois Pinault, and a smattering of film stars like Gerard Depardieu, and you have a pretty heady collection of characters making, selling and shaping the wines of Bordeaux.

Jean Charles Cazes

Hubert de Bouard

Jean Christophe Mau

Jean & Edouard Moueix

Jean Claude Berrouet

Sylvie Cazes

Luc Thienpont

Bernard Magrez

The Cathiards

Philippe Casteja

Anthony Barton