Margaux, Moulis and Listrac En Primeur 2013

Tasted blind at Malescot St Exupery


Chateau Fourcas Dupré AOC Listrac 2013

Colour is medium, intensity, and nose seems to have been held back in terms of extraction, assume ripeness was an issue. On the palate this is confirmed with a touch of underripe fruit here. They have not over extracted however, so been careful with it, but I get a touch of geosmin. Fresh, fruity on the bright side. 82-84. Fair to recommended. Drink 2019-2029.


Chateau Fonreaud AOC Listrac 2013

Promisingly bright en primeur purple here, suggests raw materials for the extraction were of a good quality. Certainly the level of extraction is higher here, but again this is a little sour on the palate. The texture is good, it is silky, and the tannins are not harsh, but it lacks enough depth of fruit to really come out of the glass. 84-85. Recommended. Drink 2019-2029.


Chateau Fourcas Hosten AOC Listrac 2013

An attractive medium intensity blush of purple, with some good Medoc anthocyanes. Nose fairly restrained. This has some confident extraction, get some promising levels of acidity balanced by fruit, and a nice hold of tannins, feel there is potential for things to fatten up over ageing. But still feels a little lacking in bright fruits, and will be a medium term drinker. 85-86. Recommended. Drink 2019-2032.


Chateau Clarke AOC Listrac 2013

Things are getting deeper and richer anthcoyane-wise, now the purple has made it to glass-staining levels. First one with chewy tannins, and again a good hold, silky texture. Slightly sour fruit, but some pleasant gentle coffee on the retro-olfaction. This has potential. 86-87. Recommended. Drink 2020-2032.


Chateau Poujeaux AOC Moulis-en-Medoc 2013

Medium intensity cherry red, more merlot than cabernet colours, gentle nose, this is an attractive early drinker, has some poise and elegance, good summer fruits, cherry and redcurrant. the fruits may not have reached optimum ripeness, but this is an expert handling of what they were given. 86-87. Recommended. Drink 2020-2032.


Chateau Chasse Spleen AOC Moulis-en-Medoc 2013

Only medium cherry red, but lovely brightness on the colour. Perky fruit on the nose also, this is charming smells clean and focused. Light and fresh on the attack, unfortunatly sour cherry comes in the mid-palate, they have really done a good job of constructing a fresh early to medium-drinking wine, clearly couldn't over extract, and have used oak to get some sweetness, just about pull it off.  84-86. Recommended. Drink 2019-2030.


Chateau Maucaillou AOC Moulis-en-Medoc 2013

A firmer, substantial nose, with clear oak influence, but well balanced by fruit. Good, this has well placed fruits and well controlled extraction. Feels like this will develop and go medium term, with some real dark berry spice, soft coffee undertones, like it. 88-89. Recommended. Drink 2020-2033.


Chateau tour de By AOC Medoc 2013

Firm colour extraction, tiny whiff of heat on the nose. This is less successful in terms of overall balance. Good tannins, not at all drying, and some lively acidity providing a central backbone, but the fruit simply isn't rich enough to hold on, and the hot finish is a little distracting. 84-86. Recommended. Drink 2019-2030.


Chateau Marquis de Terme, AOC Margaux 2013

Rich medium intensity purple, like the nose here, extracted but full and firm, good empreumatic aromas, coffee and strong eugenol/cloves coming through on the palate. They were able to extract enough fruit to just about balance the oak, although it is evident. Still, this is modern, subtle pinenut toasting, will have its fans. 88-89. Recommended. Drink 2020-2033.


Chateau Monbrison AOC Margaux 2013

Witholding on the nose, like a surly teenager. This is a little short, the fruit drops off, but they are 75% of the way to a good easy drinking wine, has firm crunchy fruit and a fine attack, but stops short in mid palate. Again, it is a gentle waft of cappucino that accompanies you to the finish line, and there are worse flavours than that. 85-86. Recommended. Drink 2019-2030.


Chateau Labegorce AOC Margaux 2013

Damson plum colour, good rich nose, firm fruit, at least on initial impression, this is well made. On the attack we get fairly rich fruit, riper than some, spectrum is moving darker and riper here, with a good lift and smooth tannins. This falls away on the finish, and again it is more medium than long term, but showcasing skills. 88-89. Recommended. Drink 2020-2033.


Chateau Prieure Lichine AOC Margaux 2013

Promising nose, with impacted, they have done a great job of finessing aromatics. Good use of oak in terms of softly smoky strands, but less successful on the palate. Right from the attack this feels a little unbalanced, with the fruit just a little underpowered. this falls again into the camp of a good medium-term drinker, that will offer pleasure. 87-88. Recommended. Drink 2020-2032.


Chateau Siran AOC Margaux 2013

Good colour extraction, back to a touch of glass-staining. Good tannins, firm and a little rustic but not drying, This is an interesting wine. Fruit has just about made it to the finish line in terms of ripeness, although the acidity is a little high suggesting the fruit could have done with a few more days to ripen. Still, this is fresh and charming. 84-86. Recommended. Drink 2019-2030.


Chateau Malescot St Exupery AOC Margaux 2013

Here again the nose has been well prepped, black spice, good rich colour, extraction of colour well handled, although clearly lighter than in many vintages. A bit short on the finish. 'Correct' as the French say, this has firm grip and good potential, but just doesn't lift off. Battle between tannin and fruit that should work itself out over ageing. 87-88. Recommended. Drink 2021-2033.


Chateau Rauzan Segla AOC Margaux 2013

Medium to full intensity with coffee, even some chocolate on the nose. Good lift, this has the tannins and acidity wall that you want en primeur. But of the triumverate, rich joyous fruit is missing. Still, this is again one of the better ones in terms of a representative en primeur sample that just might develop and fatten over ageing - kind of the point of this exercise. 90-91. Highly Recommended. Drink 2022-2036.


Chateau Lascombes AOC Margaux 2013

Touch souring on the nose, this for me is in danger of being over-extracted on colour alone. Firm medium to full intensity. On the palate, it confirms that extraction has been pushed too far, the fruit is smudged and the oak extreme. It is not drying, there is potential here, but very little elegance and lift. Shame, as for me Lascomes has produced excellent wines in recent years, but here they are struggling against the vintage. 84-85. Recommended. Drink 2019-2030.


Chateau Kirwan AOC Margaux 2013

Sweet, vanilla nose, quite different from the rest. Cherry flavours, vanilla, creme anglaise, this is charming but overly sweet, really an early drinksr, will find its target but not one to be laid down for years. But wouldn't be surpired at all if this is a food early drinker that gives lots of pleasure. 85-86. Recommended. Drink 2019-2031.


Chateau Rauzan Gassies AOC Margaux 2013

Again, the colour seems to have been extracted to its full extent, and nose is fairly promising, fully fruited damson, and on the palate this is one of the more successful. Chewy tannins, extracted with restraint and skill, fruit is not obviously underripe, which is saying a lot, and you get a matchup of the damson on nose and palate. 89-90. Recommended to Highly recommended. Drink 2020-2033.


Chateau du Tertre AOC Margaux 2013

Deep rich colour, the extraction here nudges over to not playing the vintage game. threatens to derail things, but on the palate there is lovely texture, and firm tannins. Just overplayed a touch, but potential to really come into itself over ageing. 86-88. Recommended. Drink 2019-2031.


Chateau Giscours AOC Margaux 2013

(First bottle had a fault) Bottle two, rich, firm fruit. I still get slight bandaid, but it has softened into dental eugenol, so this must be barrel effect. Good texture, smooth and silky, rich damson fruits, which for me are the best you can get on the Medoc this year, very little cassis on show. It's good, firm, fresh. Great potential. 89-90. Recommended to Highly recommended. Drink 2021-2036.


Chateau Dauzac AOC Margaux 2013

Pretty, charming ruby colour, deft fruit extraction on the nose. Early drinker, but successful within the vintage, not trying too hard, even if a little short. 86-88. Recommended. Drink 2019-2031.


Chateau Desmirail AOC Margaux 2013

Among the lighter on the colour spectrum. Really enjoyable nose though, fresh and pretty fruit. On the attack it starts out promising, but kirsch and drunken cherries take precedence over firm ripe fruits. Feels unbalanced. But again, no obvious faults, early drinking pleasure. 85-86. Recommended. Drink 2019-2031.


Chateau Ferriere AOC Margaux 2013

Medium to full intensity, rich ruby in colour, slight clove and coffee burnt notes on the nose, fruit on the just ripe spectrum. This is ambitious, feels higher in cabernet than merlot, good rich dark fruits, touch of green pepper on the finish pulls it up short. 86-87. Recommended. Drink 2019-2031.


Chateau Angludet AOC Margaux 2013

Bright reflected anthocyanes, ruby red, good start, nose a little tight and forced, but bright. On the palate there is a subdued attack, then things become more intense on the mid palate, quite unusual. Just feel that overall not balanced, although there is charm. 84-85. Recommended. Drink 2019-2030.


Chateau Brane-Cantenac AOC Margaux 2013

Coffee empreumatic nose, good fresh fruit, modern, almost exuberant and sexy, this feels like one of the most Margaux for me, actaully graphite and smokiness. A wine that should fatten up and become more complex over ageing. 89-91. Recommended to Highly Recommended. Drink 2021-2034.


Chateau Cantenac Brown, AOC Margaux 2013

Rich, round, good nose, again slightly smoky graphite edge. Like this, some juicy rich fruit, good extraction, feel it has sme way to go. A little too short to be great, but this has done a good job of replacing the holes left by lack of perfectly-ripe fruit with interesting building blocks. The vintage is like a game of Jenga. 89-90. Recommended to Highly Recommended. Drink 2021-2034.


Alter Ego de Palmer AOC Margaux 2013

The warm July and August really dropped down the pyrazine that was threatening from such a slow early season, 3,55ph. In terms of nunbers, 10% of the crop was rejected, 2/3 went into Alter Ego, and 1/3 Palmer. All tanks underwent chaptilisation at Palmer this year, 12.25%abv naturally, chatptilised up to 13%, first time chaptilised under Duroux, probably last time was 1994 (even in 1997 they didn't chaptilise). Good deep black spice, this has some real personality on the nose. the blend here is 46% merlot, 46% cabernet sauvignon, 6% petit verdot. It has charm and personality, not up to recent years with Alter Ego, but this is a wine that you would always be pleased to drink. 86-88. Recommended. Drink 2019-2031.


Chateau Palmer AOC Margaux 2013

3,6ph, a little lower than normal meaning less violet-blue colour and more red, with a blend of 51% cabernet, 49% merlot. This is one of those interesting anomalies in 2013, as right next door at Chateau Margaux they were not able to use any merlot in their first wine (Duroux says that they have the merlot on gravel at Palmer, so it got ripe, and that Palmer without merlot would not be Palmer). The tannins here are very silky, great poise on the fruits. Fermentation 27-28 degrees c. During maceration started it at 25, then let it naturally slip down to 20/21. Between two- four weeks maceration. Next year, 2014, will be 100% biodynamic, and by 2017 they hope to be fully certified in both organic and biodynamic. Real purity of fruit. 91-92. Highly recommended. Drink 2022-2038.