Musée de Negoces

A negociants' museum dedicated to the history and workings of the Bordeaux wine trade opened in July 2008 in the Chartrons district of the city.


The museum celebrates the network of brokers and merchants known as the Place de Bordeaux, who until the end of the 19th century worked in the heart of Chartrons, the traditional Bordeaux district that housed merchants' cellars.

The negociant system has its roots in Irish, English and Dutch merchants from over four centuries ago and is today the only system of its kind in the world.


The museum is the initiative of a young Bordeaux wine merchant, Gregory Pecastaing, and his newly-created company, Bordeaux Historia Vini.

'All the wine museums in Bordeaux have closed in recent years,' Pecastaing said recently.

'Since the city got UNESCO World Heritage Status last year, it seemed crazy that there was nowhere to learn about the role wine has played in the growth of the region.'

Major negociant houses such as Schroder and Schyler, and Cordier have donated documents and other artefacts, and there are plans for a recreation of the quays in the 18th century, when wines were transported in barrel from the port of Chartrons.