Pomerol En Primeur 2013

Chateau Fayat, AOC Pomerol 2013

Again, good fleshy start, clear oak influence, get some spice and eugenol from the oak, but feel touches of green fruit in this one that I didn't expect from Chateau Fayat after a series of very successful years. Not sure that this will soften up enough over the ageing. On questioning, Meylheuc (technical director) said the cabernet franc on sand didn't sufficiently ripen. 85-86. Recommended. Drink 2018-2028.


Chateau La Graviere, AOC Lalande- De Pomerol 2013

Bright fruit. Good firm blueberry, still not huge length, but this is perky, and again there is a savoury edge that I like, because fruit not overripe. 87-88. Recommended. Drink 2018-2028.


Chateau Montviel AOC Lalande-de-Pomerol 2013

Firm and clean extraction and some juicy acidity, held in by well-smoothed tannins. A touch severe, perhaps betrays again a lack of full ripeness. Henri Parent says, 'the work we have done before helped in this year, even closer microvinification than usual, greater selection'. 80%/20% merlot cabernet franc. 88. Recommended. Drink 2018-2028.


Manoir de Gay AOC Pomerol 2013

The second wine of Le Gay, since 2001 (they bought 2002, so immediately introduced this wine). A blast of oak and very short. To be kind, this must mean they practised excellence selection for the first wine. 82-84. Fair to Recommended. Drink 2016-2024.


Chateau Le Gay AOC Pomerol 2013

We have a tunnel of tannins and acidity on the attack, and overall this is very promising, but a hole in the middle where the fruit should be. The fact that such a reliable estate has difficulty in the mid-palate speaks volumes about how tough this vintage was. There is silky texture and the fruit is healthy on the attack, but not sustained. 86-87. Recommended. Drink 2018-2028.


Chateau La Violette AOC Pomerol 2013

There is some success in terms of texture and attack, but not huge persistency of fruit. Light and pretty, with some very attractive aromatics. This should give good pleasure in the medium term. 87-88. Recommended. Drink 2018-2028.

Chateau Bourgneuf AOC Pomerol 2013

Very different nose from many here. This opens up in the glass, really good fleshy fruit, fairly high alcohol levels, but a success within the vintage, crushed tobacco leaf and dark black fruits. 90%/10% merlot/cabernet franc. 88-89. Recommended. Drink 2018-2028.


Clos de Clocher AOC Pomerol 2013

Clean fruit on the nose, dark rich plums, a touch of kirsch even. But less successful on the palate, this stops very short. Retaste, query over sample. 


Chateau Bellegrave AOC Pomerol 2013

Powerful attack, good fruit impact, but it is followed up by a wave of heat and clear oak aromas and tastes - eugenol, smoky bacon even, against kirsch and creme de cassis. Modern flashy within the context of 2013. 87-88. Recommended. Drink 2019-2029.


Clos de l'Eglise AOC Pomerol 2013

A touch over worked, the fruit is dark, medium intensity, good tannins that are not drying, but things are a little subdued overall. Sylvain Garcin-Cathiard and Helene Garcin Leveque have certainly worked hard to get the best out of the 80/20 merlot/cabernet franc, and the result is successful, although would benefit from a shot of freshness to uplift the palate on the finish. 87-88. Recommended. Drink 2019-2029.


La Fleur de Gay AOC Pomerol 2013

Chantal Lebreton is owner here, and has produced one of my favourites wines in this line-up. Soft, delicate, floral, violet notes, silky texture, works with the vintage, charming. 100% merlot. Just two hectares though, will be a difficult wine to find. 90-91. Highly recommended. Drink 2017-2030.


Vray Croix de Gay AOC Pomerol 2013

The estate owned by the Goldschmidt family that has been making headlines recently with investment from Francois Pinault of Chateau Latour fame. Alcohol a touch hot. I enjoy this wine in many vintages, but here there is heat without solid fruit backup. Texture good, weight good, tannins smooth, but not in balance. 85-86. Recommended. Drink 2019-2029.


Chateau Rouget AOC Pomerol 2013

Here the fruit has been well worked and is plush, alcohol a little out of balance, but I get where they are going with this, maybe a touch of rusticity in the tannins, but this has purpose and character, and feels terroir driven, not engineered by the oak. 89-90. Recommended to Highly Recommended. Drink 2017-2030.


Chateau Taillefer AOC Pomerol 2013

Catherine Moueix, 85% merlot, 15% cabernet franc. Good flesh and fatness on the nose, and some tight bright en primeur purple blush visually suggests well controlled extraction. Feel bright fruit here, slighly chewy, chalky tannins, there is astringency, heading to drying but manages to hold itself back. Interesting, 88-89 potential. Recommended. Drink 2018-2029.


Clos de la Vielle Eglise AOC Pomerol 2013

Rich burnt coffee aromas, a darker spectrum of fruits. Some good texture, not sure the balance is fully there, not the exuberance of the best years, but this is a brooding example of the vintage. 85-87. Recommended. Drink 2018-2029.


Chateau La Sergue AOC Lalande-de-Pomerol 2013

Pascal Chattnet's wine. Impressive, for a smaller appellation have fruit, grip, tannic hold, tiny bit of unbalanced acidity on the finish, but overall a strong showing. 84-86. Recommended. Drink 2019-2030.



UGC Tasting, blind.

Chateau Gazin AOC Pomerol 2013

Lovely start to this tasting, great finesse on the attack, the nose is just a tiny bit fudged, not quite the pure precision of some years of this estate, get hint of underripe fruit, and on the palate this is expert use of oak, offering coffee and charcoal hints, but again the fruit is betrayed by a short finish. Good, enjoyable, early to medium drinking. 88. Recommended. Drink 2019-2030.


Chateau La Cabanne AOC Pomerol 2013

Sweet red cherry nose, some caramel, vanilla and creme anglaise. Which adds up again to an oak influence, but well done. On the palate here, the fruit is sufficiently plumped up by the oak, and by I'm sure careful sorting and picking that it carreis through the shortfall in weight. Still the very end turns a touch short, there is not the build in power that there would be in a better vintage, but this is a very attractive wine, 88-89. Recommended. Drink 2019-2030.


Chateau Clinet AOC Pomerol 2013

Lovely rich crimson in colour, understated nose and good rich fruit, more tar, bacon, frazzles quite clearl, saline touch from savoury fruits, grilled bread on the plancha. This is a good wine, has tannins, weight structure, and here the fruits head more towrds a blacker darker expression of cherry with some great Pomerol typicity. The vintage comes through in the length, which is a little short, but plenty to enjoy here. 92. Highly recommended. Drink 2020-2034.


Chateau Petit Village AOC Pomerol 2013
Tart, short, tight, the feuit is struggling to reach its full expression here. Nice texture, but the nose has some geosmin, the acidity is too high and ends on a tart nose. 82-83. Fair to Recommended. Drink 2018-2028.


Chateau Bon Pasteur AOC Pomerol 2013

Some damson, plum, expression of fruit that is just ripe, hovering on the edge but clearly smart sorting and smart extraction. Not trying too hard to shoehorn a style. Good mocha edge after it opens up in the glass. This is good within context of the vintage, length again the issue. 89. Recommended. Drink 2019-2030.


Chateau La Croix de Gay AOC Pomerol 2013

Like this nose, warm enveloping, good extraction, fairly modern, coffee and chocolate, first one where really get that dark chocolate flashness of a good Pomerol. You would not pick it as a 13 except for its slight dip in mid palate, but like the tannic hold, the texture and the freshness here. A good wine, medium term but with real potential for fattening up over the ageing. 90-92. Highly recommended. Drink 2020-2034.


Chateau La Conseillante AOC Pomerol 2013

Touch subued in the nose, some tell tale geosmin notes. But very well hidden, and the tannins here have a great chalky aspect to them, some intensity, this has that balancing act of offering structure and hold without imposing on what fruit is available. 88-89. Recommended. Drink 2019-2030.


Chateau La Pointe AOC Pomerol 2013

Rich velvet red tones here, fairly restrained dark red fruits on the nose, quite a strong impact in the palate, coffee, mocha, percolated beans, gaicol, toasted oak. But having said all that, it carries it off. A little smoky cigar maybe, might be in Ronnie Scotts at 1am, but actually really like this. Concern that fruit may not quite match up to these smoky tones. But good persoanlaity. 90+. Highly recommended. Drink 2019-2032.


Chateau Beauregard AOC Pomerol 2013
Again colour good and firm fleshy, rich, sweet cedary nose, sandalwood. Bit overly sweet on the palate, feels lightweight, juicy, a clear early drinker, but mouthwatering, good expression of freshness. Interesting. 86-88. Recommended. Drink 2019-2030


Moueix tasting

Ch Vieux Lartigue St emilon Grand cru 2013
tart and underripe, not a great start to the tasting. 82-84. Fair to Recommended. Drink 2016-2024. 

Chateau La Serre St Emilion grand cru classé 2013
Far more velvety, plushed up, fatter fruit, really enjoyable, good grip, lean tanins, redcurrant gooseberry freshness, real potential, juicy. 89-90. Recommended to Highly recommended. Drink 2020-2034.


Chateau la Croix st Georges AOC Pomerol

Janoueix wine. Nose of marshmallow, a little imprecise, spreading. Over-extracted for me, lacks the elegance of some Pomerols this year, but has substance that comes in on the mid-palate and gives a fine firm finish. 85. Recommended, Drink 2019-2030.


Chateau les Vieux Ormes ,Lalande de pomerol 2013
Good clean fruit on the nose. On the palate, slightly chunky on the attack, the fruit here is rustic, lacks finesse, but not green - the issue comes on being short on the finish. 85. Recommended, Drink 2019-2030.


Chateau Plince, AOC Pomerol 2013

Good juicy fruit, real structure, mouth watering, fresh, good grip, this has sides, clean fruit, good expression, powerful. 87-88. Recommended. Drink 2020-2032.


Chateau Lafleur Gazin AOC Pomerol 2013

Lovely, here is a lilting, clean and pure expression of fruit, pretty, well extracted, fresh and enjoyable, 91. Highly recommended. Drink 2019-2032.


Chateau Bourgneuf AOC Pomerol 2013

Rich, pure, this is where things start to tighten and tunnel, starts to get interesting, good texture, pure. powerful big tannins, 92. Highly recommended. Drink 2019-2032.


Chateau la Grave de pomerol, aoc pomerol 2013

A dip down again in power, this is more floral and pretty. 89. Recommended. Drink 2019-2030.


Chateau Certan de May AOC Pomerol 2013

This has a lovely backbone of tannins, very subtle, fresh, floral, very nice expression of 2013. Not over-extracted, not heavy, good subtle lilting elegance. 90-91. Highly recommended. Drink 2019-2032.


Chateau Latour a Pomerol aoc pomerol 2013

Deep spicy black fruits, excellent precision, feel here that things are thought out, considered. Bu not as exuberant and expressive as some years. 89-90. Recommended to Highly recommended. Drink 2019-2032.


Chateau La Fleur Petrus  AOC Pomerol 2013

Restrained but refined on the nose, good fruit expression, as ever the nose here is really quite exceptional, the perfumed sexiness of a great Pomerol. 91. Highly recommended. Drink 2019-2032.


Chateau  Trotanoy AOC Pomerol 2013

This has excellent structure, smooth tannins, tight black fruits, really like the potential here, has uplift and good acidity. A good well made wine, classic structured. 92+. Highly recommended. Drink 2019-2032.


Chateau Belair Monange AOC Saint Emilion Grand Cru Classé 2013

Elegant, grippy, good firm fruits, red summer fruit, pretty, lovely expression, lilting and charming. 91. Highly recommended. Drink 2019-2032.